Plugin: Remote Execution

A new release of a plugin is available: Remote Execution.

This action allows to execute a script or executable on a remote node and grab one or more output variables.

revision history
0.0.1 -> Working. Used for both executable and remote daemons
0.0.2 -> Adds keep alive and set timeout to ensure the action times-out if the client SSHD becomes unreachable.
0.1.0 -> Makes the timeout a template parameter, SSH timeout is used only in the case of infinite template-defined timeout
0.1.1 -> Forces out of the SSH.wait when a status is returned
0.1.2 -> Adds support for clustered nodes
0.1.3 -> Uses termination API for early exit
0.1.4 -> Fixes erroneous return code
0.1.5 -> modified view to collapse optional execution account info
0.2.0 -> When a report stdio frequency is provided, stdio is streamed to status instead of used as output.
0.3.0 -> When a report stderr frequency is provided, stderr is streamed to status instead of log file.
0.3.1 -> Adds functionality to mask password
0.4.0 -> Adds capture of exit code and user defined outputs
0.4.1 -> Fixes glitch with missing stdio
0.5.0 -> Adds code execution for the formatting of outputs
0.5.1 -> Added help



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