Plugin - Vantage Transcoding

A new version of the Vantage Transcoding plugin is available.

This plugin allows submission and control of a workflow on a Telestream Vantage Transcoding system.

#Revision history
# => 0.0.1 initial development. Supports API version 4.0.3
# => 0.0.2 added a default_get method for all plugin fields and moved dependent files into plugin folder
# => 0.0.3 fixed call to workflow_id_get
# => 0.0.4 deleted reference to modal_dialog in edit.html
# => 0.1.0 turning into asynchronous #not tested
# => 0.2.0 added support to apply values to variables requested in Vantage workflow
# => 0.2.1 made job name a runtime input
# => 0.2.2 made variables and items runtime optional inputs
# => 0.2.3 Submitting variables to Vantage with same object id instead of a new random object id. Bug fix to read runtime inputs for variables and items correctly.
# => 0.2.4 Added exception handling for vantage variables' and items' fetch
# => 0.2.5 Made server address available as a runtime input. Made workflow_id and workflow_name as optional runtime inputs. Workflow_id will be derived from workflow_name if it is provided.
# => 0.2.6 Fixed issue with wf_items and wf_variables methods
# => 0.2.7 Fixed type in wf_items_get
# => 0.2.8 Fixed getting correct input specs when server is specified at runtime input.


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