Release: Orchestrator 2.1


  we are very pleased to announce the availability of Orchestrator 2.1.

This is a maintenance release that addresses some usability and stability aspects of the platform including:

  • Performance improvements in high load situations (DB optimisation)
  • New creation dialog for work orders
  • New timeout detection and reaction process
  • Possibility to specify work order clean up and purging period per Workflow type
  • Improved graphics and usability for Engine->Processes and Engine->Execution Queue views
  • Fixed possible problem in A/A deployments where one Engine would detect timeouts after a step completed on the other node
  • Improved Web pages security to avoid code injection attacks


The new creation dialog for work orders has been in progress for quite a while and we are pretty happy about the final result







A more detailed release notes:

  • Adds file filtering option for folder monitor
  • Added support for explicit return codes for work orders initiated via API
  • Created specific entitlement for access to tasks count widget and limits it to contributor and admin
  • Enforces DB wait on start-up
  • Pulls DB configuration from /opt/aspera/var/config/orchestrator/database.yml if available, config/database.yml otherwise
  • Makes log retention period configurable (using log_retention_days in orchestrator.yml)
  • Only relevant processes wait for DB (launched with runner) to prevent rake from being stalled if db not available
  • Moves modal window to top in the designer
  • Log includes which engine is logging in HA situations
  • Changes default workflow run-as to SYSTEM
  • Adds ability to set a hard timeout on a step (ignored progress reports)
  • Adds ability to set purge/cleanup time by workflow
  • Adds Workflow based throttling
  • Change engine heartbeat file to be written in a temp file then moved in place atomically
  • Adds heartbeat stats to the process status page
  • Adds step in progress to workers' status on process status page
  • Adds Pause and canceled to the filter options in work-orders
  • Fixes issue with timeout execution by both engine in A/A cases
  • Creates execution queue stat page
  • view worksteps in modal page from process and execution queue pages
  • Fixes timezone issues with clean up button on work-order page
  • Fixes pop-up confirmation message to match what the button actually do
  • Timeout calculation moved into the workers instead of being managed by engine
  • New and updated plugins


We suggest you plan to upgrade your platform to these release in the following weeks.You can schedule assistance with your usual Orchestrator specialist.


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