Plugin - Aspera Central Watcher

This action plug-ins provide the ability to sense the initiation or completion of a transfer on an Aspera server.

Revision history
1.0.0 Add support for 'running' sessions
1.1.0 Add option to ignore 0 bytes sessions
1.1.1 Add the source path list as an output
1.1.2 Corrects missed in_progress sessions issue
1.1.3 Adds automatic clean up of temporary files from var run
1.1.4 Fix bug preventing the remote_address to be exposed
1.2.0 Add filtering options (by receipient user, by regexp)
1.3.0 Add node manager
1.3.1 Expose file filter as run-time parameter
1.3.2 Refined file name filtering rules to exclude only non-compliant files
1.4.0 Use local caching of generated wsdl by default
1.4.1 Bug fix in central node execution address retrieval
1.4.2 Change made to reference new plugin load directory
1.4.3 Provides the option to specify the node at runtime
1.5.0 Added trigger type
1.5.0 Expose the central node as standard input and make service_uri always optional input
1.5.1 Added MD5 checksum to output
1.5.2 Fixed central node resolution when central node provided as standard input
1.5.3 Avoids looping if initialization fails
1.5.4 Adds Server user list as an optional input as requested by Penn Boon (HBO) on 06-27-2013
2.0.0 Simplified to use generic trigger persistence (requires Orchestrator 2.0)
2.0.1 Expose exception message in case the list of session cannot be retrieved
2.0.2 Changes default polling frequency to 5 and exposed in configurator with placedholder
2.0.3 Exposes Cookie as an output
2.0.4 Returns session start and end dates
2.0.5 Adds support for any (except running and paused)
2.0.6 Fixes filtering by file name
2.0.7 Adds timestamped status message when in progress
2.0.8 Do not revert to old token for subsequent requests, fixes pause.
2.0.9 Adds error message to outputs
2.1.0 Adds expected file count
2.2.0 - Single file Transfer and multi file based transfer triggers added. (UNSTABLE VERSION)
2.2.1 - Backward Compatibility scenario updated. Reversed the check to default to session based.
2.2.2 - Backward Compatibility fixed for output spec.
2.2.3 - Layout Fix for Trigger Operation
2.2.4 - API parameter changed to TransferStatus for File Based Trigger
2.3.0 - Added new fields for triggering on empty files and zero byte transfers. Changed code accordingly.
2.4.0 - Adds support for authenticated request via Node
2.4.1 - Added MaxResults to getSessionFilesList
2.4.2 - added additional filters part to file based transfers and changed user filter logic for session based
2.5.0 - Added filtering based on the entire session instead of file based.
2.5.1 - Fixes race condition causing files to be ignored when reported as 0 file transfered too early


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