Plugin - LocalFolderWatcher

This action plug-in provides the ability to wait for the arrival of folder matching a certain pattern and optionally wait for the stability of all files in that folder.


Revision history
0.0.1 initial release
0.0.2 - Adds help file, fix trigger on partial option
0.0.3 - Forces re-scanning of folder files in case a new file is detected between 2 check_status
0.1.0 - Adds stability filter regex
1.0.0 - Simplified to use generic trigger persistence (requires Orchestrator 2.0)
1.0.1 - Only update persistence list when it triggers
1.0.2 - Local Folder Watcher fails if path does not exist
1.1.0 - adds ignore folder name pattern, restrict regex matching to basename only
1.1.1 - fixes regex ignore, fixes processing when stability check is not requested
1.1.2 - Making persistenceScope runtime variable
1.1.3 - Fixes typo in VAR_TRIGGER_TYPE introduced in 1.1.2. Tested at CBS 2014/11/18
1.1.4 - Fixes problem when base folder is empty, triggered entities are not persisted
1.1.5 - New icon
1.1.6 - Fixes behavior of blank persistence scope
1.1.7 - Modify the pruning logic, to be applied on every pulse instead of just upon triggering
1.2.0 - Current ignore checks for basename of a folder. so added a logic to check for the entire file.
1.2.1 - Fix condition to search basename OR full path depending on flag


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