DNS cannot resolve local.connectme.us for Connect


When a user on Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge accesses a web app site like Faspex, Connect does not launch if the user’s DNS cannot resolve local.connectme.us. This would happen if the user's system is not connected to the internet for example, even if the web app is on the same local network and the DNS is properly set.

On closed networks, hosts also cannot resolve local.connectme.us.

So far, this issue applies to Connect 3.6.5 through the current version at the time of this KB, 3.7.4.


For clients on closed networks the following steps can be employed to allow hosts to resolve local.connectme.us:

1. Open the hosts file in a text editor, which is located at the following:

  • Linux: /etc/hosts
  • Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Mac: /private/etc/hosts

Note that you need write permission to hosts, which is usually gained by becoming super user (sudo) or having root access.

2. Add the following entry to the hosts file and save it: local.connectme.us
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