Aspera Further Upgrades its Industry-leading Mobile Platform

August 1, 2011 Aspera releases Mobile Uploader 1.1 and a software development kit for Google Android

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of the Aspera Mobile Uploader for iOS and the beta release of the fasp-AIR™ software development kit for Google Android on the Aspera Developer Network. Please see below for more details on each new release.

Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1

Now available free-of-charge through the Apple App Store, the Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1 introduces key new functionality to Aspera’s high-speed file transfer client for mobile devices. Based on Aspera’s fasp-AIR™ transport core, the Aspera Mobile Uploader lets users upload photos or videos from the media library on their iPhone or iPad, or directly from the device’s camera to mobile-enabled Aspera servers (including the Aspera Connect Server and Aspera On-Demand for Amazon Web Services).
The Aspera Mobile Uploader is the ideal solution for mobile field gathering of still and video media, with immediate, high-performance wireless transfer to an Aspera server.

New functionality in version 1.1 includes:

  • Background upload when receiving phone calls or using other apps.  Transfers will continue to run during phone calls or when using other applications. Background upload is limited by iOS (10 minutes usually in our testing). If an upload cannot finish in time, it will be stopped automatically and restarted automatically when the user returns to the Mobile Uploader app.
  • File naming option. Support for user naming of uploaded files on the target server.
  • Automatic media upload option. Support for automatically starting the upload after media selection.
  • 10-hour video recording. In previous versions, video recording was limited to 10 minutes.

Requirements: the new Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1 app requires iOS 4.0 or above.

fasp-AIR SDK for Google Android

The SDK makes it easy to embed high-performance file transfer capabilities directly onto mobile devices running Android (v.2.2. or later). Android devices can then be used for remote file uploads and downloads over any network supported on the device, including wireless (3G and 4G), WiFi, and satellite. 

The Android SDK (now available in beta release on the Aspera Developer Network) includes several familiar, easy to use interface options for managing file transfers both locally on the device, and remotely on servers running Aspera Connect Server for Mobile.

Key capabilities include:

  • Support for Google Android versions 2.2 and higher.
  • Familiar, easy to use, rapid development environment and Java API.
  • Advanced management tools for queuing file transfers locally on the device: a drop in Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity will result in immediate queuing of the ongoing transfer, which will automatically resume when connectivity is re-established.
  • Customizable browsing options: the SDK supports pluggable options for local (on-device) and remote directory browsing (on Aspera Connect Server). Files can be uploaded and downloaded to and from specific directories hosted on the Connect Server.

Aspera Mobile Highlights

  • Aspera's fasp-AIR™ transport enables up to 10x transfer performance gains over TCP on 4G
  • Predictability through rate control during periods of peak network usage and congestion ensures file transfers are reliable—and enables priorities to be set on the device level.
  • Centralized transfer management, monitoring and control via Aspera Console.
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