Phoenix TV Selects Aspera for Cloud-Based System

Phoenix TV Selects Aspera for Cloud-Based System

September 12, 2011 Aspera Drives Global Content Transfer and Management System

EMERYVILLE, Calif. —September 12, 2011—Aspera Inc., creators of next-generation software technologies that move the world’s digital assets at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions, and Phoenix TV today announced that Aspera has been selected as the file transfer and management platform to drive their state-of-the-art cloud-based media and asset management system.

First launched in 1996, Phoenix TV is a Hong Kong-based Mandarin Chinese television broadcaster that promotes a free flow of information and entertainment within the Greater China region. The company has 2,500 employees servicing six different television channels including Phoenix InfoNews Channel, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix Movie Channel and Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. Broadcast through cable and satellite has expanded to 150 countries and regions with more than 250 million viewers worldwide.  Phoenix TV covers more than 180 million viewers in Mainland China alone. It is one of the few non-government related television broadcasters available to the mainland Chinese audience and has been able to broadcast information about events not covered by the government media.

When Phoenix TV began designing their new, next-generation Hong Kong headquarters in 2007, they did so with digital file management and a cloud-based infrastructure in mind to take advantage of the benefits in resource management, security and client access to multiple systems that such framework provides. On top of the cutting-edge infrastructure, Phoenix needed to increase file transfer speed of time sensitive digital content that was not being met by traditional FTP means. To meet their stringent requirements, Aspera needed to provide software that could be built into the four layers of the internal cloud architecture: hardware, platform, application and services. After close collaboration between the Phoenix and Aspera technical teams, a system was deployed to send and receive content from multiple originating sites, with advanced workflows allowing for content in final format to be automatically pushed into media asset management and other necessary systems without user management for on-demand access and play-out.

“Aspera is the file transfer and management industry leader, evidenced by their large and diverse 1,300 plus customer base and the fact that such an extensive number of companies OEM their technology as the basis for their own systems,” said Senior Manager of Information Network Management Centre Hongbo Wang. “Our evaluation confirmed the Aspera reputation for full security and bandwidth utilization, and the flexibility of the architecture allowed for a quick integration into both our standard and proprietarily developed ingest applications and core infrastructure.”

“Phoenix TV is the kind of progressive broadcaster that we love to work with, demanding best-of-breed technologies to build an innovative platform and distribute content quickly and broadly,” said John Wastcoat, vice president at Aspera. “We are excited about the success of the first phase of the deployment and look forward to continued collaboration as the systems mature and evolve.”

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