Aspera launches new products and major new releases

At NAB 2012, Aspera gave demonstrations of the latest releases of our high-speed transfer software, including major new enhancements to our core transfer, synchronization, and workflow automation platforms, and new applications for sharing, collaborating, and exchanging data at high speed, securely, over public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.



Aspera Shares 1.0

Aspera Shares is designed for companies that need to ingest or share content in the form of large files and directories in multiple locations, or multiple servers in the same location, within their organization or with external customers and partners. A single web interface consolidates browsing across all shared content and a powerful and flexible security model provides a single management point combining authorization, user management, and access control.


Aspera faspex™ 3.0

The latest version of our flagship global person-to-person file exchange and collaboration software supports high-speed, secure global publishing and distribution of content on remote file sources (both Enterprise and Cloud storage systems), adds new Apple iOS and Microsoft Outlook-integrated clients, as well as new capabilities to further extend support for ad hoc transfer capabilities and easy onboarding of third parties.


Aspera On Demand

Aspera is now first in the world to offer seamless, line-speed ingest and distribution of very large media files to and from cloud-based object storage such as the AWS S3 service, independent of distance, and completely secure. With digital supply chains now spanning the globe and the complexity associated with transferring ever-larger file sizes over longer distances increasing exponentially, digital media companies can now realize the full benefits of the cloud with Aspera On Demand solutions for the high-speed transfer, processing, and storage, of their digital content. Learn more at


Aspera Mobile App Suite

Aspera mobile software and solutions deliver high efficiency, predicable transfers over emerging 4G, 3G, and 802.11 for time critical content. The faspex™ app for the Apple iPhone and iPad extends faspex's email-style person-to-person file exchange and collaboration features to iOS devices, adapted to the style of the familiar iOS email app. The Aspera app for Android enables content browsing, download, and upload and is completely integrated with the Android platform, including the device's built in camera, the photo gallery, and the Android file system.


Aspera Orchestrator 2.0

The powerful Aspera web-based automation platform and SDK has been equipped with a new UI design canvas, and an ever growing list of 3rd party plug-ins with support for online video platform YouTube, transcoding software FlipFactory, digital media software from Digital Rapids, and encryption software from PGP to name a few.




fasp™ 2.8

The latest version of Aspera’s core high-speed transfer software suite adds major new functionality in support of large-scale Enterprise, Cloud, and ultra high-speed 10 Gbps networks. Among other notable new features and enhancements, fasp 2.8 adds full file browsing and direct transfer support for cloud object storage, seamless integration with the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and a new application gateway proxy for highly restrictive networks.


Aspera Sync 1.2

Now supported on Windows in addition to Linux, Aspera’s latest synchronization and replication software delivers even higher performance with enhancements to the quick file scanning on source and target servers, rich include and exclude filters, and full support for soft and hard links.


fasp-MC™ 1.1

Now available in version 1.0 with sender and receiver software for high-performance distribution networks using IP multicast, fasp-MC is a new patent-pending point-to-multipoint transport solutions for IP multicast networks designed for large scale deployments such as digital cinema, VOD or digital signage.





Aspera Connect 2.8 SDK

The redesigned SDK with its rich set of JavaScript APIs now allows developers to easily integrate Aspera high-speed file transfers directly into their web applications for an "in-browser” user experience. Connect 2.8 gives developers full control over how Aspera file transfer capabilities are exposed to their end-users, and includes full support for Mac OS X environments, Aspera Proxy support, and the ability to adjust rate-control parameters during active transfers. Check it out at our new Aspera Developer Network site:

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