New Connect browser client version 3.6 available


Dear Aspera Customer, 

Today we will be releasing to our web site a new version of the Connect browser client, version 3.6. This version includes a new native Chrome plug-in built using Chrome’s PPAPI (“pepper”) APIs, which brings several advantages.

  • First, Connect 3.6 no longer relies on the NPAPI and thus works with the default configuration of Chrome. As of the current release of Chrome version 42, NPAPI is disabled by default, and must be re-enabled explicitly. Google also intends to remove support for NPAPI entirely in upcoming releases.
  • Second, Connect 3.6 includes all of the components necessary to continue work with all major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux (Firefox, IE, Safari, as well as Chrome) and will continue to work with all 3rd party applications that are using the asperaweb-2.js Javascript API.
  • Third, Connect 3.6 also includes a new asperaweb-4.js Javascript API that allows 3rd parties to support all major browsers *including* Chrome version 42 and above with NPAPI disabled. Details of this are included on the ADN at 

In order for your users to take advantage of Connect 3.6 for Chrome browsers with NPAPI disabled, Aspera is making available patches for Aspera Faspex, Aspera Shares and Connect Server (the directory listing web interface). Once you apply these patches your users will be able to use these server products with Chrome browsers with NPAPI disabled. If you choose to not apply these patches your users will be able to use these applications with all supported browsers including Chrome, but NPAPI will need to be enabled in Chrome.

Details on each of these patches are included in the following Knowledge Base articles on the Aspera Support site:

Aspera has made the patches for these products available for our latest general release: Connect Server 3.5.4, Faspex 3.9.1 and Shares 1.9.1. You will need to upgrade to the latest general release in order to apply these patches.

Finally, please note that with the patch applied to Aspera Faspex, in Chrome browsers only, drag-and-drop will be disabled for now, and users will need to select files and folders through click to browse. Faspex drag-and-drop is supported in all other browsers. Aspera will be providing an update to the Faspex server and the new Connect client in upcoming weeks that will again support drag-and-drop in Chrome. We decoupled this feature in the interest of timely release.

Aspera Support is ready and available to help you with these patches if you would like their assistance. Please send a request or any questions to for assistance.

Your Aspera Team


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