Aspera Sync 1.1 - High Performance Synchronization

Aspera Sync is a new software engine from Aspera that provides high-speed and very scalable multi-directional, file-based replication and synchronization, and is designed to fill the performance gap of uni-directional file synchronization tools like rsync, which are often very slow for synchronization of large files and large sets of files over the WAN. Additionally, async extends the capability of uni-directional file synchronization tools with full bi-directional and multi-directional synchronization support. 

The current version of the product is Aspera Sync 1.1.  This version adds to the 1.0 product three important features for feature parity with rsync:

  • Include / exclude filter support for selectively including and excluding portions of the monitored file space through glob-like matching rules following the rsync conventions
  • Preservation of access time and modification times on source files to destination
  • Automatic overwrite rules regarding whether source file content with the same name overwrites destination file contents, including always overwrite, overwrite if newer, or (declare a conflict in the case of bi-directional synchronization)

This release also has significantly improved documentation and usage examples, including built-in man pages for async and asyncadmin (the status reporting tool) and an enhanced online manual available with the product download.

If you are interested in evaluating Aspera Sync, please contact your Aspera Sales representative or 

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