Aspera Multicast SDK (beta) available on Aspera Developer Network

The Aspera Multicast SDK is now available in beta release on the Aspera Developer Network.  The Multicast SDK enables developers to write applications that use ascp-mc, Aspera's bulk data transfer solution based on IP multicast for high-speed reliable transport and distribution of large media in IP multicast networks.

The SDK is built around a Java RMI API (Remote Method Invocations), and provides support for starting, monitoring and managing multicast data transmissions, in addition to querying and managing ascp-mc's configuration and authentication database. The SDK includes a Java Class library reference and sample code.


Request access to the Aspera Developer Network

Download Aspera Mutilcast SDK from the Aspera Developer Network

We hope you enjoy the new SDK, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!


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