Aspera iOS SDK (beta) available on Aspera Developer Network

The Aspera iOS SDK is now available in beta release on the Aspera Developer Network.  Part of the Aspera Mobile SDK, the SDK for iOS provides a queue-based API for initiating, managing and monitoring high-speed faspTM transfers between iOS devices and the Aspera Connect Server or the Aspera faspex Server. This release is compatible with iOS 5, the latest release from Apple.

The following topics are covered in the SDK

  • Transferring Files
  • Remote Browsing and Configuration
  • Model Validation
  • Multi-Threaded Environments
  • Session Life Cycle
  • Logging

SDK features and capabilities:

  • Queue based API for transferring files with built in retry mechanism
  • Remote browsing of an Aspera server
  • Automatic configuration of extended server parameters 
  • Transfers continue to run when embedding app transitions to the background
  • Optimal target-rate is selected automatically according to available connection (3G vs wifi)
  • Automatic connection monitoring, switches from 3G to wifi when the latter becomes available
  • Documentation includes full working XCode project as an example

Request access to the Aspera Developer Network

Download Aspera iOS SDK from the Aspera Developer Network

 We hope you enjoy the new SDK, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!

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