Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1.2 Now Available In iOS App Store

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.1.2 in the iOS App Store.  The Mobile Uploader is our iOS app for uploading photo and video content from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) to mobile-enabled Aspera servers.

This is primarily a bug fix release to address some issues found on iOS 5.

New in Aspera Uploader 1.1.2


  1. On iOS 5 the main app view may be shifted after return from the photo/video picker. 
  2. On iOS 5 the user will not be able to use all configured keyboards (e.g. Chinese-Simplified, Hebrew) to enter text settings and file names. 
  3. Possible EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash when using a UTF-8 encoded username. 


  1. App version information is now included in the "send logs" email. 
  2. The model information reported in the "send logs" email is now includes new devices like the iPhone 4S.

For assistance in upgrading your Aspera Mobile Uploader software to version 1.1.2, please contact

We hope you enjoy the updated Uploader, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!


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