Aspera Introduces Next Generation fasp 3 Core Transport Platform and New Media Solutions at IBC2012

At IBC2012, Aspera introduced the next generation of its core transport platform,  fasp 3™ -- the most universal and open core transport technology available today. fasp 3 extends the performance and flexibility of the Aspera software environment to support all high-speed data transfer and automation scenarios in media and entertainment and all industries that rely on the exchange, processing, storage and distribution of large data.


Beyond the release of fasp 3, Aspera showcased breakthrough new solutions for digital media, including

  • Aspera On Demand for Microsoft Windows Azure,
  • The latest version of Aspera Orchestrator workflow orchestration solution with file format validation for standards such as DPP,
  • A new Aspera plug-in that enables high-speed content transfer over wide area networks for Avid Interplay users,
  • fasp 3 powered transfer servers and clients,
  • The next generation of our high-performance, multi-directional synchronization software, Aspera Sync.


With the release of fasp 3, Aspera is bringing to market a truly universal content transport platform supporting all data, infrastructure and storage types, regardless of location, with maximum speed and a comprehensive offering for all transport paradigms and deployment models.


Infrastructure Agnostic (on-premise, cloud or hybrid)

All fasp 3 products are intrinsically enabled for cloud object storage such as Amazon Web Services S3 and now Microsoft Windows Azure BLOB.

  • Enables secure, high-speed transfers of large volumes of file-based content into, out of, and across cloud-based storage.
  • Storage type and location agnostic, supporting block and object stores that can be located on premise or in public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Maintains line speed transfers between storage end-points regardless of network type, transfer distances or network conditions.


File Size and Storage Type Independent

fasp 3 delivers maximum throughput performance regardless of the format, number or size of the files that are being transferred, and has achieved the world speed record in transfer of large file data over a global WAN from North America to Asia.

  • Move very large sets of small files under 1 MB each or a single multi-TB file, with maximum speed and optimal utilization of available network and storage bandwidth.
  • New architecture enables maximum I/O throughput on a wide variety of today’s clustered, object and media storage platforms.


All Paradigms and Deployment Models

Aspera’s comprehensive portfolio of software solutions based on fasp 3 enables all types of data transfer scenarios:

  • One-to-one transfers, backups, and archiving
  • Hub-and-spoke ingest, distribution, and replication
  • Unidirectional and multi-directional synchronization.


Open, Customizable and Automatable

The newly expanded Aspera Developer Network and fasp 3.0 SDK provide comprehensive, best-in-class transport and distribution SDK with modern API interfaces on every product enabling open integration, automation and management.

  • Abstraction of the transfers from the underlying storage enables custom applications to seamlessly transfer to any file store, whether on premise or in the cloud.
  • Support for FTP and HTTP sourcing of fasp transfers over the WAN enables seamless integration with existing workflows that receive files via non-Aspera transfers.



Aspera’s complete portfolio of software products and technologies brings secure, maximum speed transport of digital content and file-based workflow automation to supply chains throughout the broadcast and media industries. New solutions include:


Aspera On Demand for Microsoft Azure

Adding to its industry-leading support for high-speed transfer to Amazon Web Services, Aspera has launched Aspera On Demand for Microsoft Windows Azure to help media companies and content service providers use high-speed fasp transport to ingest and distribute large media files to and from Azure BLOB storage and integrate the platform into media services running on the Azure cloud.

  • Secure, line speed transfers to and from Azure BLOB storage.
  • Support for Aspera fasp transfers with Aspera Enterprise or Connect Server, Desktop or Point-to-Point Client, Embedded Client, and Connect browser plug-in client.
  • Usage-based subscription, offered as a service through the Windows Azure Marketplace.

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fasp 3 Transfer Servers and Clients

All of Aspera’s transfer servers and transfer clients are now enabled with fasp 3 technology, making the transfers between them infrastructure agnostic, as well as file size and storage type independent. Other key innovations to these products include:

  • Automatic, fast and lossless inline compression that reduces data set transfer sizes and provides further boost to Aspera’s industry-leading transfer performance.
  • Built-in support for the new high-speed fasp Proxy that allows for seamless passage of Aspera fasp transfer sessions across secure DMZs.
  • Automated file format validation through Metaglue plug-in that supports the emerging standards for broadcast file format validation such as AS11 / DPP MEDIA.
  • Extensible framework makes it easy to integrate with other 3rd party plug-ins for post-transfer processing and validation.

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faspex 3.0 and Shares 1.0

The new faspex and Shares web applications can run on-premise or in the cloud, enabling secure sharing of content and metadata from any location with complete, fine-grained access control.


With faspex 3.0, users or custom applications using faspex API can publish files directly from cloud storage for secure, automated global distribution. Public drop boxes and secure invitations enable ad hoc contributions, and users can send and receive files through a web browser, Microsoft Outlook (using Aspera Add-in for Outlook), an iOS or Android mobile device or automatically download to their desktop with Aspera Cargo. faspex 3.0 also adds:

  • Remote storage browsing enables the sending of files and folders directly from AWS S3 or Azure BLOB storage.
  • Easily invite anyone to send packages to faspex™ users, all they need is a valid email address.
  • Private sending option helps protect recipients’ identities (no recipient sees other recipients’ information).
  • Enhanced security with configurable password strength (admin option), and private address book to secure users’ names and emails.

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With Shares 1.0, disparate file repositories or selective portions, located on premise or in the cloud (AWS or Azure), can be shared for secure upload, download and management.

  • With the new "blind upload" feature, users can be configured to upload files into a share without seeing any other files in it.

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Workflow Orchestration and AS11/DPP Media File Format Validation

Orchestrator 2.0, Aspera’s comprehensive workflow automation platform, has been enhanced with key features that enable complex, high-availability media workflows. The new Orchestrator 2.0 platform includes:

  • Full active-active failover support distributes and balances execution across multiple Orchestrator run-time instances in a high-availability configuration.
  • Support for multitenant deployments, which enables multiple instances of Orchestrator to run on the same server, completely independent of each other and with separate access URLs, resources and database instances.
  • Rebranding of the Orchestrator package to create custom look and feel for different deployments.
  • Support for plug-ins for many leading encoding, transcoding, watermarking, and verification products in VoD and broadcast.
  • Support for emerging broadcast standards with a new Aspera AS11 media file format validation plug-in that integrates with the Metaglue toolkit for automatic post-transfer file verification as an automation step in Orchestrator or automatic post-transfer file verification in Aspera Transfer Servers and Clients.

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New Avid Interplay Delivery Manager Plug-in

Recently used in the 2012 Olympics to power high definition news content transfer, the new Aspera plug-in for Avid Interplay Delivery Manager includes Enterprise Server and Point-to-Point software for fully integrated, line speed delivery between remote Avid editing stations, optimized for Avid Unity and Isis storage.

  • Allows Interplay users to exchange HD video sequences, clips or entire projects over the WAN, at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions.
  • Interfaces with Avid Interplay to provide high-speed Aspera transfer capability directly from Avid editing applications.
  • Editors can send media to remote Avid workgroups with automatic check-in of media into Interplay, or transfer files directly to any host running Aspera server software.


Sync 2.0 for High-Speed File-Based Replication and Migration

Aspera Sync 2.0, the upcoming version of our high-performance file synchronization software, delivers a host of new features, including:

  • Built-in de-duplication detects multiple copies of a file at the source and stores them as links to a single copy of the file at the destination, saving transfer and storage capacity.
  • Distributed event collection system enables the fastest possible capture of file system changes on clusters of ingest servers and high availability deployments.
  • Full reporting to Aspera Console, including real-time and historical file and job status, synchronization, and transfer performance.

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Connect 3.0 API for Branded Web Portal Integration

Connect 3.0 browser plugin brings new JavaScript and JSON APIs for integration of fasp transfers into custom web portals for a fully immersive and interactive experience, including:

  • Automatic plug-in installation that eliminates the need for application developers to worry about browser-specific installation and launching.
  • In-browser transfer status and control that allows developers to create custom interfaces for application users to monitor and control transfers.
  • Transfer state saving and automatic transfer resumption across page visits.
  • Enhanced HTTP fallback in restrictive network environments now supports all HTTP proxies, non-authenticating as well as authenticating (basic and NTLM).

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Direct FTP-to-fasp Transport Integration

fasp 3 supports applications such as out-of-the-box video server integrations with a new extensible transfer framework that can link fasp transfers to FTP transfers, enabling use cases such as delayed remote playout, a low-cost way to create global playout centers using predictable file transfer over IP with fasp as opposed to expensive satellite broadcast streams.


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