Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.2 Now Available in the iOS App Store

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Aspera Mobile Uploader 1.2 in the iOS App Store.  The Mobile Uploader is our iOS app for uploading photo and video content from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) to mobile-enabled Aspera servers.

This is a small release intended to support the iPhone 5 (4" retina) device type and iOS 6. 

New in Aspera Uploader 1.2


  1. The iPhone 5 device form-factor (4" display) is now supported. Image thumbnails in a vertical (portrait) orientation will now appear bigger on this type of device. 
  2. The Uploader no longer access the device UDID (unique device ID) per Apple guidelines. 
  3. The model information reported in the "send logs" email is now includes new devices like the iPhone 5.


  1. On iOS 6, the user can receive a popup error noting that the network connection failed, even when the upload transfer worked.

For assistance in upgrading your Aspera Mobile Uploader software to version 1.2, please contact

We hope you enjoy the updated Uploader, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!


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