Now Shipping – Cargo 1.2

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of Aspera Cargo – our desktop downloader widget that extends person-to-person file delivery workflows with automatic downloads of faspex™ packages using a familiar content feed-style interface. The new version 1.2 improves performance, adds new features to facilitate transfers within highly restrictive network environments, and introduces support for Linux OS.

  • Improved feed-processing algorithm - provides improved performance regardless of order, deleted packages or duplicate package IDs using Atom Syndication Format instead of the marker-based, feed-check algorithm of Cargo 1.1.0.
  • Support for fasp Proxy - enables secure access to Aspera transfer servers located outside of corporate networks while protecting internal users’ IP addresses, consolidating fasp transfers, and providing optional user authentication to control which clients are allowed access to outside Aspera transfer servers.
  • Support for authenticated HTTP proxies in HTTP fallback mode - offers the ability to switch to slower HTTP- or HTTPS-based transfers for highly restrictive network environments.
  • Cargo for Linux – brings automatic faspex package download capabilities to Linux. The new CargoD consists of a headless Linux daemon, available as a small, installable package for Linux 32- and 64-bit systems. A simple configuration file is all that’s required to set up and run CargoD.


Cargo 1.2 application is now shipping and is available via download from

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!

Your Aspera Team

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