Aspera Faspex Mobile for Android 1.0 Now Available in the Google Play Store

Aspera Faspex Mobile for Android 1.0 Now Available in the Google Play Store

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Aspera Faspex Mobile for Android 1.0 in the Google Play Store.  The Aspera Faspex Mobile app is our Android app for interacting with Aspera Faspex servers for the purpose of composing and sending Faspex packages, and to receive Faspex packages sent to you.

This is the initial version of this app.

Based on Aspera’s fasp transport core, Aspera Faspex Mobile lets you upload and download packages to and from mobile-enabled Aspera Faspex servers. Uploads can be made from photos or videos in the photo gallery on your Android device, or directly from your device's camera. Image and video content in downloads can be viewed by viewing apps on the device; other content can be viewed in compatible apps if they are installed on your device.

High-speed fasp transfers for Android:

• Your Android Faspex transfers are powered by Aspera fasp — packages are sent at high-speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distance, or network conditions, while being fair to other network traffic.

• Reliable, with automatic retry and resume of interrupted transfers, and automatic switching between WiFi and phone networks.

• Real-time transfer progress and performance display.

Easy to use native Android app:

• Uses "email" paradigm for sending and receiving Faspex packages.

• For video and picture content, thumbnails are shown for downloaded assets and for packages being composed, to help you work with the right assets.

Fully integrated with Android and the photo gallery:

• The app interfaces with the photo gallery, and packages being composed are able to include content from it.

• Users can access the device camera directly to shoot pictures or videos for the package, without having to leave the app.

Interoperable with Faspex, Aspera Connect, iOS Faspex app, Cargo, and Outlook Add-in:

• Aspera Faspex is fully supported — packages originating from a Faspex server or other Faspex clients can be downloaded directly to an Android device using this app.

• The app can send standard Faspex packages from the device. Those packages can then be downloaded using any Faspex client, any browser using Aspera Connect browser plug-in, or automatically to the desktop using Aspera Cargo.


• If called for by the Faspex server, package contents are encrypted, over-the-wire.

• The sending user can also call for the content to be encrypted with the Aspera “encryption-at-rest” (EAR) feature. Such packages remain encrypted in the Faspex server and can be decrypted after being downloaded by the recipient using the Android Faspex app, using a shared secret.

To use this app, an account on a mobile-enabled Faspex server is required, and your transfer server(s) used by Faspex must also be mobile-enabled. Your Android device must be running Android 4.0 or higher.

How to get started with Aspera Faspex:

1. Create a Faspex account in the app by entering your Faspex server name, and your Faspex account user name and password, in the Account Configuration view. Upon successful completion, you will be taken to your Faspex account's Inbox where received packages can be viewed.

2. If you have any received packages, select one to download and click the Download All button in the action bar. After downloading the package, images and videos in it can be viewed by clicking on an image/video thumbnail, and then selecting a viewing app.

3. To compose and send a package, click on the Compose button in the action bar, enter one or more Faspex recipients (or email addresses if your Faspex account is permitted to send to email recipients), a title, and an optional note to the recipients. Use the "Add from" button to add images or videos from the gallery or camera, or to add any file from the Android file system. Press the send button in the action bar to deliver your package via Faspex.

4. You can monitor the upload or download using the Transfer Queue button in the action bar. The transfer view will show you a list of transfers, with the active transfer showing a progress bar, time remaining and a transfer rate. You can also stop and resume transfers in this view.

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