Aspera Sync 1.4.2 and Console 2.0 Are Now Available

Aspera Sync 1.4.2 and Console 2.0 Are Now Available


We are excited to announce the release of Sync 1.4.2 and Console 2.0, enabling complete end-to-end synchronization and replication with centralized management, monitoring, and control.


Aspera Sync 1.4.2


The latest version of Aspera Sync is now available, providing many new capabilities, such as the de-duplication of content at the destination, which saves bandwidth, synchronization time and disk storage on the target device.


  • File-level de-duplication – allows async to identify file paths already in its snap database and create hardlinks at the destination (avoiding transfer and storage of files already at the destination); saves network bandwidth and storage.
  • Expanded platform support – Aspera Sync now supports OS X, Solaris and BSD in addition to Windows and Linux.


Console 2.0


Also now available is Console 2.0, the newest release of Aspera's centralized monitoring, management, and reporting software, which delivers a new user interface with many usability improvements and even greater control over transfer queuing and management. 


  • Completely redesigned user interface – new look and feel with sortable columns, searchable pages, and improved navigation.
    • New transfer queuing service with on-the-fly reordering and reprioritization control for transfers on managed nodes via Smart Transfers and new Console API.
    • Integrated reporting (session views, email notification, reports) of on-the-fly md5sums for delivery confirmation.




Aspera Sync 1.4.2 and Console 2.0 are now shipping and are available via download from


We hope you enjoy the new capabilities, and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!


Your Aspera Team 

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