Aspera faspex mobile app 2.0 for iOS is now available

Aspera faspex mobile app 2.0 for iOS is now available

 We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Aspera’s faspex mobile app 2.0 for iOS, downloadable from iTunes.

This is a major new version focused on providing support for the Faspex server-side dropbox metadata features.

  • If your account is a member of a dropbox workgroup, you are prompted to choose the type of package you want to send - regular or dropbox.
  • Any metadata specified for the dropbox from the server side is included in the compose view to be filled in by the user. Required metadata items (and To/Title) are bolded.
  • Packages received via a dropbox will have any entered metadata shown in the received view.

Other new features include:

  • Videos and images can be named by the user in packages the are being composed for sending. Long-press added items to enter a name.
  • Received packages are displayed with the sizes of the items contained in them. 
  • When running on the iPhone, the user can now select multiple items at one time from the Photos gallery picker. The picker now shows the total number of selected items. 
  • Refreshing the inbox no longer blocks interaction with the inbox view. You can now do things like compose a new package or receive a package while the inbox is being refreshed.
  • Incorporates an up-to-date fasp release (3.3), including support for the new mobile-friendly rate controller. 
  • Cached/remembered recipient addresses are now displayed with a cleaner visual treatment. 
  • Swipe-delete is now supported in the transfer queue view, and in the Drafts and Saved views.
  • EAR (Encryption-At-Rest) packages are now always downloaded in encrypted form, with a new Decrypt button (a “key”) which can be used to prompt for the EAR password and decrypt the package assets.

Please read the complete release notes here.

We hope you enjoy the faspex mobile app 2.0 release and thank you for your continued product feedback and support!

Happy Holidays!

Your Aspera Team

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