Now Shipping: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Client and Desktop Client version 3.4

The latest versions of Enterprise and Connect Server, Point-to-Point and Client software are built on top of FASP 3 and support a breadth of new features and capabilities for on premise and on cloud deployment. Native connections for direct transfer to Akamai NetStorage, SoftLayer, Google and OpenStack Swift have been added, complementing the existing support for AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure BLOB built-in to the software. All products support on-the-wire encryption, encryption at rest, secure file transfer, browsing, resume, and HTTP fallback (with full resume, encryption over the wire, and encryption at rest support) with all CDN and cloud platforms, as well as enterprise storage.

Additional features include enhanced hot folder performance, md5sum reporting and preservation of ACLs and other native file system attributes, enhanced user authorization fully integrated with Aspera Shares, and new file sharing capabilities with API support for share-to-share transfer. Download Now

New Feature Highlights

  • New support for Shares user accounts in all modes of transfer and file browsing. You can now authenticate and authorize user logins for browsing and transfer against Aspera Shares within the Desktop GUI, hot folders, and ascp command line.
  • Enhanced hot folder functionality including fast performance for hot folders with very large numbers of items (1,000+), new option for automatic scanning to support file systems that do not support asynchronous notifications, and support for hot folder transfers via Aspera Proxy.
  • File checksum reporting now available on the client and server side of transfer in manifest file, Console reporting, and APIs.
  • Full encryption-at-rest support in HTTP fallback.
  • New feature in the desktop GUI to support import and sharing of SSH keys for ease of configuration.
  • Source and destination pair arrays are supported in HTTP fallback for parity with FASP in the transfer APIs.
  • New options to preserve Windows ACLs and Mac OS X extended attributes and access control attributes between like and heterogeneous operating systems.
  • Automatic validation of the server’s SSH fingerprint.
  • Search capabilities through the Node API now follow symbolic links and return the linked objects or its content if a directory.
  • New Share-to-Share transfer API supported in the asperanoded service.
  • New inline file processing API allows calling 3rd party services, e.g. for file validation or inspection, pre-transfer, after receiving the file header, or post transfer (available as a special branch build).

NEW Cloud and IaaS/SasS Support

  • New native connections in the Desktop GUI for direct transfer to Akamai NetStorage (ready for Akamai GA), Google Storage, and OpenStack Swift (Rackspace and IBM SoftLayer) and Limelight (Beta), in addition to AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure. Supports automatic resume, encryption over the wire, encryption at rest.
  • HTTP fallback supported in Application Platform On Demand against AWS S3 with resume, encryption over wire, encryption at rest.
  • Hot Folder transfer support for all cloud storage platforms, including new support for Microsoft Azure.
  • New configuration option for transfers to AWS S3 to preserve file attribute metadata including access, modification and creation time on upload and download if so configured.
  • New configuration option for downloads from Amazon S3 can include files in Glacier archive storage.
  • New configuration option to automatically map and preserve MIME types when uploading content to S3.
  • New support for IAMs Assumed Role allowing users to provision an Aspera On Demand server in one AWS account that has read/write permissions belonging to another AWS account.

 Ready to download the latest version? Click here.

Read more about Aspera's other new software updates: Aspera's Spring 2014 Product Release.


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