Now Shipping: Aspera Console 2.3

Aspera Console enables centralized monitoring, management, and reporting of the entire Aspera transfer environment. Console 2.3 now includes SAML single sign-on, several new capabilities within the automatic Console-driven Smart Transfers for transfers initiated behind an Aspera proxy, easier to manage permission settings and license management within the web UI. Download Now

NEW Feature Highlights

  • Console now supports SAML single sign-on authentication.
  • Several enhancements in Console Smart and Simple Transfers
    • Support for transfers initiated behind an Aspera proxy configurable in Connection settings
    • Support for transfers initiated on the destination with new Initiator option
    • Easier to manage permission settings for starting Smart transfers. A new option: Configuration > Defaults > Smart Transfer Start Permissions, if enabled, allows users whose transfer path includes “Any”, or addresses without a username, to start any matching smart transfer that’s shared and uses admin-created  endpoints.
  • New option to configure size limits in Console reports or email attachments.
  • New email notification resending and troubleshooting. On the Session Notifications page (accessed through the Session Detail drilldown), new option to automatically resend email notifications.  Detail for each message also indicates whether it was sent as a result of a resend.
  • Search and filter boxes on the Session Details page and Simple/Smart Transfer pages no longer use wildcards and instead use “search within”—for example, “foo” will match “123foo”, “foo456”, “123foo456”. An asterisk is now treated as a literal “*”.
  • Console license can now be directly from the UI. If a license is missing or expired, administrators can still log in and update the license.
  • Sync 1.5 reporting is fully supported.
  • The Console API for transfer queuing management and automation is also available on the Aspera Developer Network

Download Console 2.3 Now

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