Now Shipping: Aspera Sync 1.5

Aspera has released the latest version of Aspera Sync version 1.5. The latest version has new ultra-fast snapshot performance allowing for synchronization updates of giant file stores (1 million and above) with performance that is significantly faster then Aspera Sync 1.4, for systems with very large numbers of files and slow storage (e.g. VMs), allowing file sets with millions of items to update within very tight time windows, reducing rsync update times dramatically – as much as days reduced to hours, and hours to minutes.  File de-duplication now supports bi-directional in addition to one-way synchronization.

Windows ACLs and OS X extended attributes are preserved across syncs, and bi-directional synchronization workflows on Windows will tolerate files open by users during synchronization. This version also adds official support for OS X and Solaris. Download Now

NEW Feature Highlights

  • New streamlined snapshot processing optimizes performance for large snapshots (30-50 million files) for even faster synchronization times and faster snapshot cleanup on startup.
  • Enhanced file-level de-duplication to save network bandwidth and storage
    • New configuration option to create copy or hardlink at destination
    • Now works in bi-directional mode (deduplicates network bandwidth only).
  • Expanded platforms: OS X, Solaris and BSD in addition to Windows and Linux.
  • Secure token authorization and document roots as well as API for embedding Sync.
  • Support for non-posix file systems, e.g. lustre.
  • Additional robustness including conflicts and errors automatically cleaned up on startup.
  • Full support for secure docroots and token-based authorization.
  • Bi-directional synchronization workflows on Windows will tolerate files open by users during synchronization.
  • Sync now preserves and restores Windows ACLs, extended attributes on OS X, and alternate data streams for synchronization between like and heterogeneous file systems.
  • New configuration option for automatically recognizing renames and moves of files and directories
  • New delayed-delete option postpones deletes until the end of the session.
  • Various improvements to better support preservation of access time, modification and creation time of files and directories.
  • New asyncbench tool for benchmarking async performance on target storage systems.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and bandwidth control via Console.

Ready to download the latest version? Click here.

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