Now Shipping: faspex 3.7 and Shares 1.7

Aspera has released new versions of its faspex and Shares web applications for ingest, collaborative file-sharing, and content distribution. The latest releases are the culmination of the separate deployments of these two product platforms, with full integration between the file sharing capabilities of Shares and the package sending and receiving capabilities of faspex

Both applications are fully integrated with Aspera server nodes and support the same underlying access control and user authorization, making possible integrated workflows that combine file sharing with existing Aspera processes and allow transfer servers, storage, and the web applications to run on premises or on cloud. The result is high speed secure sharing of content and metadata from any location with fine-grained access control. Download Now

Aspera Faspex 3.7

Faspex 3.7 includes new file relay capabilities allowing automatic forwarding of files and directories uploaded to Faspex to remote Aspera servers (on premises or on cloud) by Workgroup with configurable email notification of transfer status, advanced support for SAML authentication, and many additional usability and API enhancements including automatic expiration of user accounts by inactivity. Download the latest version of faspex.

New Feature Highlights

  • Faspex packages sent to a workgroup or dropbox can be automatically forwarded to multiple remote Aspera server or Point-to-point nodes for direct access on the file system or browsing and download within Aspera Shares.
  • Advanced support for Hybrid On Premise and On Cloud content storage with remote File Storage feature.
  • Enhanced SAML support
  • Automatic expiration of faspex user accounts by inactivity
  • New option allows for requiring custom fields for new user accounts that are displayed and searchable in faspex
  • New mobile application link in package received notification spawns the faspex mobile client if installed
  • Faspex API enhancements
  • Full support for Aspera Drive
  • Cargo client enhanced with support for HTTP proxies

Aspera Shares 1.7

Shares 1.7 introduces share-to-share transfers through drag and drop in the browser allowing users to “move” files and directories between globally distributed locations with ease and speed. The Shares user login and authorization control is now fully integrated in the Aspera Client, Point-to-Point and Enterprise Server allowing login and browsing of Shares directly from these applications. Shares also supports single sign-on through SAML and offers a new capability to auto-generate “Home” shares for users on first login. Download the latest version of Shares.

New Feature Highlights

  • Users can now move files between remote shares using drag-and-drop. 
  • Administrators can enable the auto-creation and authorization of home shares for all users that are added to Shares.
  • SAML just-in-time (JIT) provisioning for single-user authentication.
  • The Shares user login and access control is now fully integrated in the Aspera Client, Point-to-Point and Enterprise Server allowing login and browsing of Shares directly from these applications.
  • A configuration option in user preferences lets users specify the number of files/folders to display while browsing.
  • Special files like symlinks, block and character device files, socket files, and files that are not available for transfer (because they are in an archive) are now identified by an icon.
  • The assigning of the Shares admin account credential is now a separate installation step under user control and no longer automatic to ease administrative account management.

Read more about the latest features in this release.

Ready to download the latest version? Click here.

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