New Product Release: Aspera Drive

Aspera Drive 1.0 for Windows is now available for download on the website.

Aspera Drive is a new powerful and easy to use high-performance file sharing and synchronization solution. Built on the Aspera FASP technology, Drive breaks all the enterprise barriers of conventional desktop drive and sync products, combining secure remote browsing, high-speed transfer, and synchronization of any size data from the user's file explorer to any content storage location, giving the enterprise a breakthrough alternative to the commodity consumer cloud file sharing services.

Product Highlights

Remotely Browse

Remotely browse projects and authorized Shares directly from the desktop interface, rather that being forced to switch to a web based view. Files and folders on the remote server are all directly accessible from within Aspera Drive.


Share Your Files and Content

Collaborate on multiple projects simultaneously through the desktop interface. Move files and folders of any size to and from remote Shares, or across Shares, with a simple drag and drop within Windows Explorer and Mac Finder to initiate a high-speed transfer, and receive email notification when project members upload new content.


Send and Receive Packages

Aspera Drive provides an integrated desktop experience. Easily send large files or entire directories  by right-clicking on a file or folder and entering the recipients email address to send a faspex package. You can enable faster, more efficient collaboration between teams that are spread around the globe.


Keep Teams in Sync

Subscribe and automatically receive faspex packages to your Drive Inbox, or enable background synchronization to ensure the local Drive contents always mirror the content in the remote project Share.


Keep Content Secure

Keep your files and folders as public or private as you want. All data remains secure with a powerful and flexible security model combining authorization, and access control. Files are transferred using FASP, which protects your digital assets through SSH authentication, in-transit and at-rest encryption, and data integrity verification for each transmitted block.


Learn more about Aspera Drive on the Drive homepage.


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