Minor Release: Enterprise Server and Connect Server 3.4.6 for Isilon OneFS 6.5.x and 7.x

The Isilon version of Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Serve release 3.4.6 provides a host of new features and fixes that are outline below.

New Configuration Settings for aspera.conf

  • File checksum reporting for each file transfer on both client and server.
  • Persistent store is now enabled by default.
  • Transfer encryption now turned on by default in aspera.conf.
  • The ascp program now reads aspera.conf to determine whether to preserve time settings. 
  • SSLv2 can be disabled with new configuration parameter <enable_sslv2>.
  • Multiple docroots can be specified in aspera.conf and conditionally activated depending on IP address.
  • The ascp client (initiator) can be configured to write out manifest files using aspera.conf (in addition to the command-line ascp option that generates local manifest files).
  • Datagram size can now be set in aspera.conf (in addition to a command-line option).

New fasp transport and ascp Capabilities

  • Encryption-at-rest (EAR) support for HTTP fallback. 
  • Support for multiple-chunk tokens and source/destination pairs in HTTP fallback.
  • Aspera httpd now provides an HTTP path for testing the status (up or down).
  • Added node and cluster ID to http fallback reporting. 
  • Validation of server fingerprint for transfers.
  • Enhanced support for Mac extended attributes (xattrs) using both native storage or separate meta file 
  • Persistent session support for Mac extended attributes 
  • Transfers now preserve OSX directories’ extended attributes.
  • The pvcl virtual file system interface supports synchronous post-processing actions such as file validation during transfer, and reports results through management interfaces. Pvcl now also supports asynchronous open and stat commands
  • SSH channel security for ascp and async has been enhanced to support newer ciphers and encryption modes, notably AES CTR (counter) mode.
  • Multiple enhancements in transfer management statistics and reporting such as counters forfasp protocol network traffic, late-file transfer failure, node IDs and cluster IDs, and the server name.
  • Multiple enhancements in the “source base” capability to preserve portions of the source pathnames at the destination.
  • Support for "forwarded for" information in fasp proxy.

New Cloud Support Features

  • ES now supports connections to multiple object storage types, e.g., Azure BLOB, Akamai NetStorage, and OpenStack, in addition to AWS S3.
  • Substantially improved performance in transfers to object (“cloud”) storage, such as AWS S3, when transferring small files (10 - 20KB or smaller).
  • Improved handling of Glacier files for S3 downloads.
  • Support for IAMs Assumed role.
  • Docroots can be specified with Amazon IAM credentials.

New Node API (asperanoded) and SOAP API (asperacentral) Capabilities

  • New Node API (v2) includes enhanced /info API and support for file "du" (usage information), symbolic links, external authentication (against custom JSON/HTTP service), file move and copy, and async session setup on behalf of a client
  • New SOAP API capabilities in asperacentral includes support for source/destination pairs and an arbitrarily large number of sources as well as SOAP API protection against common transfer mistakes


The releases are available for download by clicking here.

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