Aspera product releases in IBM Passport Advantage

Aspera is excited to announce that the entire suite of IBM Aspera on-premises software solutions is now available in IBM Passport Advantage. This complements the previously announced IBM Aspera solutions: IBM Aspera High-Speed File Transfer, IBM Aspera High-Speed Sync, IBM Aspera File Sharing Suite and IBM Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint.

Additionally, this announcement includes maintenance releases on our Aspera download site for the following:

Aspera Enterprise Server/Connect Server/Desktop Client/Point-to-Point Client 3.5.4

Aspera Drive 1.​2.1 for OSX and Windows

Aspera Faspex 3.9.1 for Linux 64 and Windows

Aspera Shares 1.9.1 for Windows and Linux 64-bit

Aspera Sync 3.5.4

Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 1.3.2

Aspera Proxy 1.2.2 for Linux 64

Each of these releases can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinks above.  The latest maintenance release of Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in 3.5.3 is also available for automatic installation via your web browser.

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