Minor Release: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Client 3.4.6 for Solaris SPARC

The Solaris SPARC version of Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Client release 3.4.6 provides the recent new features and fixes listed below. For additional changes introduced since the previous SPARC release (2.7.4), see Previous Release Notes.

Core Features

  • A new ascp command option, --exclude-newer-than, only allows transfers of files newer than a specified timestamp.
  • A new ascp command option, --save-before-overwrite, creates versioned copies for transfers of the same file.
  • A new internal REST API supports transfer initiation between Aspera nodes, including the new node-to-node transfer capability in Aspera Shares that lets users drag files between Shares to invoke a transfer with monitoring.
  • Support for metadata tags in Aspera transfer sessions allows structured data to be passed to the session. The tags are JSON formatted key-value pairs that may be specified as ascp command-line arguments.
  • Multiple improvements to the faspcat binary used within the bytestream API.
  • The generation of transfer tokens is now considerably faster and more CPU efficient, allowing for better CPU utilization by high-concurrency transfer access in Faspex and Shares.
  • Files with the suffix .aspx or other specified resume suffix are now excluded by default regardless of whether file resume is enabled in aspera.conf.
  • A new configuration parameter <enable_sslv2> can be used to disable SSLv2, but only for the Node API—not for HTTPS fallback or Connect Server.
  • Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point, and Client have been updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1h.

Cloud Features

  • Changed the MIME type for MP3 files in S3 to be audio/mpeg (no longer audio/mpeg3).
  • Concurrent transfer capabilities have been enhanced for transfers to cloud storage. For example, there can be 60 concurrent sessions for a single EC2 instance to S3 (with an aggregate transfer throughput of ~700 Mbps).
  • The chunk size used for I/O with cloud storage can now be changed from the default size of 128 MB to larger sizes, such as 256 MB or 512 MB, with stable memory usage and good performance.

The releases are available for download from our web site at:

•         Enterprise Server 3.4.6 (Solaris) 

•         Connect Server 3.4.6 (Solaris) 

•         Point-to-Point 3.4.6 (Solaris) 

•         Client 3.4.6 (Solaris) 

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