Minor Release: ES, CS, Desktop Client and P2P Client 3.5.5 for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

This release 3.5.5 is an update of IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Client, and Desktop Client. It provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. Release 3.5.5 includes IBM Aspera Sync 3.5.5.

  • New move-after-transfer feature:  This feature lets you move source files to a specified archive directory after they are successfully transferred.  Using the ascp command flag --move-after-transfer=archive, you either upload or download files. The equivalent control from the client GUI, "Source Move", in the File Handling tab in the Connection Manager and the New Hot Folder configuration window, you can uploads files
  • Support for AWS Signature V4
  • Dblogger now passes the <tags> in the fasp session when logging to Console
  • Improved logging for "Access denied due to invalid authorization
  • Support for the SSL cipher RC4, also known as ARC4 and ARCFOUR, has been disabled in the Aspera build of OpenSSL
  • ES 3.5.5 includes the 1.0.1m version of OpenSSL that addresses several security issues
Note: Release 3.5.5 is currently not certified by Aspera for use as a cloud-hosted server. However, 3.5.5 clients can transfer to or from cloud storage.

The full release notes are available here and each release is available for download from our web site at:

ES download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/1

P2P download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/7

Desktop Client download link: http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/2

Connect Server download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/4

These releases are also available at the IBM Passport Advantage site.

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