Now Available: Aspera Drive for OS X

Aspera Drive 1.1 for OS X is now available for download on the website.

Aspera Drive is a new powerful and easy to use high-performance file sharing and synchronization solution. Built on the Aspera FASP technology, Drive breaks all the enterprise barriers of conventional desktop drive and sync products, combining secure remote browsing, high-speed transfer, and synchronization of any size data from the user's file explorer to any content storage location, giving the enterprise a breakthrough alternative to the commodity consumer cloud file sharing services.

  • Integrated desktop browsing of remote files
  • Drag-and-drop high-speed upload and download from cloud storage and traditional storage
  • Background file synchronization
  • The sending and receiving of large files and data sets across global distances
  • Learn more about Aspera Drive on the Drive homepage.

Ready to download?  Click here.

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