Minor Release: IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in 3.6.1

We are excited to announce the latest version of the Connect Browser Plug-In, version 3.6.1. This version includes an update to the major Connect 3.6 version released in June, which featured a new native Chrome plug-in built using Chrome’s PPAPI (“pepper”) APIs. The Connect 3.6.1 release includes support for a new enhanced drag-and-drop capability that supports Chrome browsers, in addition to Firefox, Safari and IE browsers, as well as a few other API details that complete the Connect 3.6 generation.

The Connect 3.6 release brings several advantages over previous versions, including:

  • Connect 3.6 no longer relies on the NPAPI in Chrome and thus works with the default configuration of Chrome. NPAPI is disabled in current Chrome versions by default and must be re-enabled explicitly. Also, Google has announced that it remove support for NPAPI entirely very soon.
  • Connect 3.6 includes all of the components necessary to continue working with all major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux including Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome, and will continue to work with all 3rd party applications that are using the asperaweb-2.js JavaScript API.
  • Connect 3.6 also includes a new asperaweb-4.js JavaScript API that allows 3rd parties to support all major browsers *including* Chrome versions with NPAPI disabled. Details of this are included on the ADN at https://developer.asperasoft.com/.
  • Connect 3.6.1 adds a new drag-and-drop API to asperaweb-4.js that supports file and folder drop events in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and file drop events in IE 10,11.  For IE 8,9  Connect 3.6.1 still supports the legacy asperaweb-2.js drag-and-drop APIs.

In order for your users to be prompted to upgrade to Connect 3.6.1, you must update the Connect minimum version configuration setting of your application.

Ready to install?  Click here.  Review the full release notes here.


Note regarding drag-and-drop: Among the Aspera web applications, only Faspex supports drag-and-drop. To enable your Faspex server to support drag-and-drop in Chrome, you will need to install a provided patch for the latest general release: Faspex 3.9.2. You can find a link to download the patch, as well as more detail on the patch, in the Knowledge Base article on the Aspera Support site.

Once you apply this patch, your Faspex users will be able to use the drag-and-drop control in Chrome browsers in addition to the other major browsers. Please note that IE10 and IE11 browsers will only support drag-and-drop of files, due to limitations in the current IE APIs.

Aspera Support is ready and available to help you with this patch if you would like their assistance. Please send a request or any questions to support@asperasoft.com for assistance.

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