Minor Release: Aspera faspex 3.9.3 for Linux and Windows

We are proud to introduce the release of the Aspera faspex 3.9.3 for Windows and Linux that provides several new features listed below along with other fixes and changes.

  • Direct Upload to Custom Inbox: For Dropboxes, users can upload packages directly to a custom inbox without going to the default inbox first.
  • Drag-and-Drop for Google Chrome: The drag-and-drop functionality on the New Package page is now supported in Chrome using the Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in version 3.6.1 or higher.
  • Cloud Referencing: Package files will link to the source files instead of making copies of the source files when the source and destination of a package are in the same cloud storage. This feature supports any cloud service that supports trap links***
  • Rake Tasks: The rake packages:clean_deleted command now cleans deleted packages in batches, instead of as a single query.
  • Security: Aspera common components (including OpenSSL and Apache) are now updated to increase security and protect against the logjam threat.
  • Cloud Storage: Faspex API changes now enable compatibility with Microsoft Azure file storages for IBM Aspera clients (IBM Aspera Drive, IBM Aspera Cargo, and IBM Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook).
  • Cloud Storage: The Faspex API now returns the "Paths" array differently to support cloud storage.

Click here if you are ready to download? Read the full release notes here.

***Note: The cloud referencing feature requires cloud storage that uses IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.0+ to work.

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