Minor Release: Aspera Console 3.0.2 for Linux 64 and Windows

This maintenance release of IBM Aspera Console 3.0.2 for Linux 64 and Windows is now available for download. Console 3.0.2 for Linux 64 requires Common 1.2.14. This new release provides the following new features, fixes, and other changes.

New Features

  • Transfers: Console now allows configuration per node of the file suffix for partially downloaded files. The current default suffix is .aspx, but this can be changed by going to Nodes, editing the desired node, and going to Configuration > Advanced File Handling.
  • Graph: If enabled, Console tracks the total bandwidth usage across all nodes on the Dashboard graph. Enable by going to Configuration > Defaults.
  • Security: Aspera common components (including OpenSSL and Apache) are now updated to increase security and protect against the logjam threat.
  • Watchfolder: Watchfolder is an experimental feature in Console 3.0.2 and requires IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6+. An updated Console with full Watchfolder support will be released at the time that Watchfolder is released as a fully supported feature.

Other Changes

  • Administrators: The Edit Permissions link no longer displays for admin users, and Console no longer redirects to the permissions page when creating new admin users.

Click here to download.  Read the full release notes by clicking here.


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