Major Release: ES, CS, Desktop Client, Point-to-Point Client 3.6.0 for Linux and Windows

Aspera is excited to introduce the major release of IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Desktop Client, and Point-to-Point Client for Linux and Windows.  The 3.6.0 release includes IBM Aspera Sync 3.6.0 and adds key feature support for the current release of Aspera Files, Shares, Console, Connect Browser Plug-In, Aspera On Demand, and Transfer Cluster Manager with Autoscale in addition to many fixes.

New key features in this release include: 

  • Introduction of access key authentication, a new alternative to using security credentials of a node user or system user.  It allows restricted usage of segregated storage (on premises or cloud) and provides specific access control and usage reporting of that storage.  
  • New Transfer Cluster Manager with Autoscale service for automatic scale up and scale down of transfer server hosts with multi-tenant access control.
  • A new watchfolder feature automating high-speed one way file transfers from a source to a destination system. 
  • New parallel transfer capability allowing one data set to be transferred using multiple computers in a cluster.
  • New expanded at rest encryption with new server side capability for seamless on-the-fly encryption and decryption of content written to Aspera server hosts using a secret supplied by the server.
  • Node API transfer jobs can be split into multiple transfer sessions to take advantage of multiple cores and I/O streams on a system.  
  • New Java SNI support for HTTPS requests.
  • New license support for multiple entitlements per computer.
  • Introduction of a new generation of foundation RESTful APIs for transfer and file management covering authorization, access control, transfer initiation, and event reporting. 

Breaking Changes

  • async -t no longer preserves access times
  • Fix for Faspex 3.6.2 and older if <preserve_attributes> is any which is the default
  • Workaround for ES on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) that breaks SSH services due to System Integrity Protection
  • Ascp transfers now fail with an "invalid authentication" error when an invalid token is supplied
  • Node API /transfers is deprecated and has changed

Click the following links to download from our web site:

The full release notes are available here.  

These releases are also available at the IBM Passport Advantage site.

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