New Product Release: Aspera Virtual Catcher 2.3.5

We're excited to introduce the first general release of Aspera Virtual Catcher, a new solution to replace expensive legacy satellite delivery systems using high-speed FASP® transfers over terrestrial networks.

Virtual Catcher includes a set of preconfigured workflows with a processing engine, configuration screens and monitoring views.  It works in conjunction with Aspera faspex™ and Aspera Cargo or with Aspera Enterprise Server and Aspera Point-to-Point Clients to automatically ingest ADI compliant packages into their asset management systems or downstream systems.

The following provides necessary information to run IBM Aspera Virtual Cather that is based on Aspera Orchestrator.

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems:

  • Linux 64 bit: RedHat EL, CentOS 6.x
  • Windows 64 bit: Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2

Web Browsers:

  • Fireforx 27+
  • Google Chrome 32+

Virtual Catcher requires pre-installation of the Aspera common package.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements for Virtual Catcher mirror the hardware requirements for Aspera Orchestrator, which can be found here.


You can download Virtual Catcher from our web site by clicking here,


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