Now Available: Aspera On Demand 3.6.0 (Aspera Platform On Demand, Shares On Demand, Faspex On Demand, Console On Demand)

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspera On Demand 3.6.0 for all products: Aspera Platform On Demand, Shares On Demand, Faspex On Demand and Console On Demand. On Demand 3.6.0 offers a host of new capabilities and improvements, along with support for Enterprise Server 3.6.0 and the Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In 3.6.1 and greater.

For detailed information on everything that is new in On Demand 3.6.0 for all products, including AMI information, see the release notes.

Key new features

  • New Clustered Transfer Capability: New asperanoded command line and API to invoke transfers that use all nodes in a cluster (static or autoscale) for 10 Gbps scale out of transfer speed.
  • New Autoscale Cluster Manager: The new Autoscale capability in Enterprise Server 3.6 allows Aspera transfer nodes to self-scale in today's dynamic cloud environments. The core capabilities are an autoscale cluster manager service for elastic auto scaling of transfer hosts and client load balancing and automatic cluster configuration, the new node/v4 multi-tenant secure access key system, and a new cluster management UI for managing policies and reporting on transfers across the cluster.
  • Introduction of access key authentication for Ascp and Async: Access keys provide an alternative to the security credentials of a node user or system user. Because an access key is restricted to its own storage (local or cloud), it allows access control and usage reporting to be segregated by storage.
  • New Watchfolder feature: Watchfolder automates file transfers from a source to a destination system. Files placed into a designated source folder are automatically transferred to the destination. Watchfolder transfers are run from the source machine only and do not require any additional software on the destination system.
  • More cloud storage features: Automatic adaptive and dynamic determination of proper cloud storage part size to allow arbitrarily large files without special configuration. File links are also now supported for cloud storage. Added support for storage to blob pages in Azure
  • License support is now available for multiple entitlements per computer.

Software Components

Application Platform On Demand / Server On Demand (APOD / SOD)

  • IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.0
  • IBM Aspera Console 3.0.3

Shares On Demand (SHOD)

  • IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.3
  • IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.0
  • IBM Aspera Console 3.0.3

Faspex On Demand (FOD)

  • IBM Aspera Faspex 3.9.3
  • IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.0

Console On Demand (COD)

  • IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.0
  • IBM Aspera Console 3.0.3


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