Minor Release: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Client and Client version 3.5.1

The Aspera transfer servers and transfer clients combine patented FASP™ 3 technology, comprehensive transfer and user management, and optimized cloud I/O for cloud deployments to move large data sets over the WAN with unrivaled speed, flexible bandwidth control, and bullet-proof security, regardless of transfer distances, file sizes or network conditions.

This latest release includes Aspera Sync 3.5.1 as well as a host of new features listed below.

Core Features

  • New security-related aspera.conf options that may be used on server or client, e.g., <ssl_protocols>, <ssl_ciphers>, and <fasp_macs>. The server can limit what it will accept, and the client can request a certain value.
  • New optional transfer binaries, a4send / a4recv, are built on Aspera's next-generation architecture and enable ultra-fast transfers for very small files. File metadata is sent via the data transmission path (i.e. via FASP) instead of via transmission control path (SSH/TCP).
  • Support for Keystone identity service with Swift, thereby allowing transfers to HP Cloud.
  • Verified ascp command-line support for cloud storage sources and destinations as URIs.
  • Expanded support in the GUI, aspera.conf, and ascp for preserving timestamps and creation-time on both upload and download transfers with all supported cloud storage platforms (S3, Azure, Swift, and Google).
  • GUI: Added cancel capability on long running move or copy operations such as in cloud object storage.
  • Added delete capabilities to cloud storage benchmarking tool, axcloudcp.
  • A new ascp command-line option --apply-local-docroot option is equivalent to setting the environment variable ASPERA_SCP_DOCROOT.
  • New asperatrapd feature to disable directory creation on cloud storage, i.e. disable creation of zero-byte files denoting directories.
  • New server-side configuration options for symbolic link handling, including allowing/disallowing link creation, copying, and following.
  • New capability for parallel uploads to S3 using the ascp option -C[1..N]. A new wrapper utility ascppar transparently initiates concurrent parallel transfers of a set of files or directories to S3. The save-before-overwrite feature (introduced 3.4.6) has been extended to take precedence over file_system/overwrite.
  • Improved error reporting for mysql operations in asperacentral.
  • More error logging from the pre-post processing script.
  • Finalized support for the Azure external token service.

Sync Features

  • New parallel transfer session option --transfer-threads allows a data set that will be synchronized to be split across multiple internal ascp transfer sessions. This allows maximum pipelining; for example, enabling "small files" to be deduped while large files are transferring.
  • New option for "LZ" compression.
  • Improved to support Windows applications that concurrently access files being sync'ed. This avoids sharing violations such as files open in multiple Microsoft Office applications.

These releases are available for download from our web site at:

ES download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/1 
P2P download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/7
Client download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/2
Connect Server download link:  http://downloads.asperasoft.com/en/downloads/4

These releases are also available at the IBM Passport Advantage site.

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