Minor Release: Sync 3.5.1 for Windows, Linux, and OS X

Aspera Sync is purpose-built for high-performance, scalable, multidirectional asynchronous file replication and synchronization to overcome the performance and scalability shortcomings of conventional synchronization tools and scale up and out for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs. 

This release provides the following new features and fixes:

  • New parallel transfer session option --transfer-threads allows a data set that will be synchronized to be split across multiple internal ascp transfer sessions. This allows maximum pipelining; for example, enabling "small files" to be deduped while large files are transferring.
  • New option for "LZ" compression.
  • Improved to support Windows applications that concurrently access files being sync'ed. This avoids sharing violations such as files open in multiple Microsoft Office applications.
  • The inode-format option has been discontinued in favor of managing all file path references in the async snapshot by pathname (to avoid issues with unstable inodes)
  • The aspera.conf settings <preserve_mac_xattr> and <preserve_mac_xattr_storage> are no longer supported. If they are found in aspera.conf, they are rejected with an explicit warning message. 

Aspera Sync is available for download here and on the IBM Passport Advantage site.

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