Minor Release: faspex 3.8.1 for Linux 64

Aspera faspex™ provides an intuitive, efficient way for individuals and groups to collaborate and exchange files and directories of any size, over any distance. Faspex ​3.8.1 for Linux 64 is now available on our website, and the corresponding Common 1.1.18 installer for Linux 64.  This is also available on the IBM Passport Advantage site.

Aspera faspex 3.8.1 for Linux (x64) provides the following new features:

  • SAML: Implemented custom attributes to support additional fields set in SAML. These custom SAML fields, if set in your SAML IdP and mapped in Faspex under User Profile, will now be imported into Faspex when a SAML user logs in.
  • Self-registration: Implemented ability to require package recipients to self-register an account if they do not already have one.
  • Rake Tasks: New rake tasks have been implemented for creating, updating, and deleting users in bulk. 

Aspera faspex is available for download hereand on the IBM Passport Advantage site .

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