New Product Release: Aspera a4 3.6.0 for Windows and Linux 64

Aspera a4 3.6.0 for Windows and Linux maximizes the transfer efficiency for large sets of small files, enabling enterprises to achieve FASP speeds with even the largest sets of unique individual files and directories.  The following are key highlights of how the transfer engine works:

  • Metadata is sent via the data transmission path (i.e. via FASP) instead of via transmission control path
  • The number of parallel I/O "worker" threads can be configured based on the native storage system characteristics (e.g. parallel file systems)
  • The size of the data chunks that are read from disk is configurable
  • Pipeline file I/O mechanism feeds incoming chunks through compression, encryption and transfer as they are coming in from disk

This new product release is available for download here.

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