New Product Release: Aspera for Microsoft Sharepoint 1.0.0 for Windows

Welcome to this release of Aspera for SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint has been adopted by companies worldwide for knowledge capture, collaboration, and document storage.  Many of these organizations have been unable to take full advantage of SharePoint because of its file size and repository size limitations, and poor performance transferring large files and data sets over wide area networks. With Aspera for Sharepoint, you extend the base functionality of SharePoint and avoid its limitations.  Product highlights include the following.

Collaborate with Larger Files and Data Sets

Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint helps customers to overcome SharePoint file size and repository size limitations enabling SharePoint users to share files that would not have been possible before. Files and data sets are transferred at high-speed into and out of SharePoint, regardless of geographic distance between collaborators.

Experience the Seamless Integration

With Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint users can take advantage of Aspera high-speed upload and download capability all from directly within the SharePoint workflow. Optionally, customers may also use Aspera Drive to access SharePoint document libraries from within the native Windows file explorer.

 Expand SharePoint Storage Options

The product supports SharePoint on-premise and cloud deployments. Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint can enable flexible Disaster Recovery architecture and storage solutions, by separating files storage from the native SharePoint database.

Extend the SharePoint workflow with Aspera

When combined with Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint, products such as Aspera Drive can enable users to access SharePoint data directly from the desktop interface, speeding collaboration and simplifying access to SharePoint data and document libraries.

To learn more, vist the Aspera for Microsoft SharePoint web page.

Click here to download Apsera for Microsoft SharePoint.

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