New Product Release: Aspera Drive Mobile 1.0.1 for Android

Using Aspera’s patented high-speed FASP technology, Aspera Drive Mobile lets you browse, upload and download files to and from your mobile-enabled Aspera Shares or Aspera transfer servers

With Aspera Drive you can:
• Remotely browse projects and authorized Shares, or transfer server nodes, directly from your mobile device interface.
• Filter and sort file browsing results.
• Download files from, or upload files to, remote Shares or nodes.
• Decrypt files protected with Aspera’s Encryption-At-Rest (EAR) option.
• Use multiple Share or node accounts.
• Send downloaded content on the device to other Android apps.
• View downloaded images, videos and files.
• Rename and delete content, and create folders, on remote servers.
• Upload from the camera, photo/video collections, or files created by other apps on your device.

To use this app, an account on an Aspera Shares or transfer server (with node services) is required, and your transfer server(s) used by the app must also be mobile-enabled. The minimum server level for Aspera Shares is 1.7, and for Aspera transfer servers is 3.4.

Dowwnlad here on the Google Play app store.

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