Minor Release: Aspera Drive 1.2 for Windows and Mac

Welcome to this minor release of Aspera Drive. Drive 1.2.0 includes new features for integration with Microsoft Azure.  Aspera Drive is built with Aspera FASP technology to enable powerful and easy-to-use high-performance file sharing and synchronization between users' desktop file explorer and any content storage location, offering a superior alternative to the commodity consumer cloud file sharing services.

This release provides the following new features:
  • Install for all users - The installer program for Drive now includes an advanced option that lets administrators install Drive for all users. Each user, however, can have his or her own settings.
  • SSL certificate validation - Drive now validates SSL certificates. If the server's certificate is not valid, Drive asks users whether it should trust the server.
  • Improved support for cloud storage - Drive 1.2.0 offers an improved workflow for adding accounts that use cloud storage, and several bug fixes around Azure SAS.
    Note: If you need to generate Azure SAS URLs, there are several tools you can use. For example, you can download the open-source tool Azure Storage Explorer. See https://azurestorageexplorer.codeplex.com/ for futher information. However, earlier versions of Azure Storage Explorer may generate URLs that expire after one hour. If you use Azure Storage Explorer, Aspera recommends version 6 or higher
Ready to download?  Click here.  Review the full release notes here.
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