Connect 2.3.1 Release Notes (Linux)

Connect 2.3.1 for Linux Release Notes
Version 2.3.1
Platform: Linux
October 13, 2009
What's New
  • Queuing. Allows a person to set a maximum number of concurrent transfers.
  • Reports whole session progress if enabled on the server.
  • Disk rate control enabled by default.
  • Asunprotect is now included.
  • Per-user installation allowing each user to install Connect separately.
Fixed Issues
  1. Fixes a case where the target rate slider in the transfer monitor would not be adjustable if bandwidth cap was specified too low.
  2. Encryption at rest dialog forces a user to confirm their passphrase.
  3. Network speed can be changed in preferences and reflected in active transfers (as long as the change is to a higher speed).
  4. Spelling corrections.
  5. Prompts user before quitting if transfers are active.
  6. Improve content protection tool.
  7. Fixes Linux installation issues. (#1909, #5244)
  8. Fixes issue to prompt the user to decrypt the downloaded file when the option to prompt the user for the location to save downloaded files is selected and Connect Server has protect=”yes” in the fasp URL. (#5341)
  9. Fixes font issue in Preferences. The problem still exists on some distributions. (#5265)
  10. Fixes UTF problem (#1925)
Known Issues
  • Bandwidth measurement has been removed from preferences. It can still be measured during a transfer. A revised implementation will be provided in the future release.
  • Some fonts look better than others in Preferences.  For example, setting Bitstream Vera Serif 8 as the default font should help the Preferences window look better. 
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