Connect 2.0.0 Release Notes

Connect 2.0.0 Release Notes
Version 2.0.0
Platform: Windows, Mac
Aug 20 2008
  • Added HTTP fallback with full support for proxies to seamlessly retry transfers failing to establish a fasp session.
  • Fixed bug in which successful transfers would indicate a benign ssh failure on termination.
  • Fixed bug causing slow sparse checksum of files over 180 GB in size.
  • No longer uses Aspera Central. Benefits include smaller download, faster installation and improved performance of Transfer Monitor (eliminating problems where transfers would not display on the Monitor).
  • fasp buffers not required to be set or run at login on Mac for Connect. Fixes issues where faspbuffers script had to be run manually on start-up on certain computers.
  • Improved error reporting in cases of authentication failure, ssh blockage, and UDP connection timeout.
  • Fixed silent authentication failure issue where if user had cached an incorrect username/password when transferring previously, subsequent transfer attempts would not reprompt the user for the password and fail silently.
  • Self-contained installation. Fixes issues with Connect and Scp installed on the same computer, such as license key collision.
  • Installation as a non-administrative user now supported on all Mac platforms.
  • Fixed bug in which Connect ignored the default download directory location.
  • Automatic retry on failure is now enabled by default.


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