Cargo Downloader 1.0.0 Release Notes

Cargo Downloader 1.0.0 Release Notes
Version 1.0.0
Platform: Windows, Mac
Created: May 13, 2011
Updated: May 17, 2011
What’s New
  • Familiar ATOM feed paradigm for automatically downloading faspex packages
  • Supports secure embargoes on content access with built-in encryption
  • Intuitive GUI controls for automatic decryption of all content in a downloaded package
  • Configurable target download location for each faspex server and account
  • Support for a configurable number of concurrent downloads and queueing
  • Real-time transfer rate control and monitoring for each download
  • Pause and resume functionality with automatic retry on failure

Known Issues
  • On Windows, Cargo Downloader does not support being installed into a directory that contains double byte or UTF-8 characters in the path.  (#9966)
  • Packages that contain square brackets ("[","]") in either the package title or in the filenames cannot be downloaded. Workaround: Use Aspera Connect to download the packages. (#8656)

Package Information
  • 2160BA0BF9B60152E61BBD07A7F25055 AsperaCargoDownloader-
  • 6C341B7EBF7BB9C256AE8053C39665BC AsperaCargoDownloader-

  • 68850adc3092b95735fe6e159b608fe7bbae3fe0 AsperaCargoDownloader-
  • f193441f7f1dbfeb0bfcc82dff6487f8e02c1a35 AsperaCargoDownloader-
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