Enterprise Server 2.5.1 Release Notes (Linux)

Enterprise Server 2.5.1 for Linux Release Notes
for Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point, Client, and Connect Server
Version 2.5.1
Platform: Linux
Created: October 28, 2009

What's New

This release contains a number of bug fixes.

Fixed Issues

This list covers the critical and major problems fixed in Enterprise Server 2.5.1.

  1. Connect Server

  • Fix rate policy in Connect Server (#4575)

  1. ascp

  • Fix transfer failures with 254 or 255 byte argument path, user string, token, or cookie (#5160)

  • Fix cases where ascp creates empty files (#5277)

Known Issues

For more information about known issues not fixed in this release, read the Previous Release Notes section.

Package Information

MD5 Value:

  • F07FA072A7FD8A19F9E925EDF36B2C06 aspera-entsrv-
  • 94BE17A4CE815741899F86B159B5F291 aspera-entsrv-
  • 6C5046262576A1B7261828E0EADFEAD4 aspera-scp-client-
  • 0407499E29ADF2D1686F5736CEF1C330 aspera-scp-client-
  • BC4F4E60E432EA4BFB9FF852C3DC119B aspera-scp-p2p-
  • 784B64F89163DAF5436B1122689B3447 aspera-scp-p2p-
  • C647570247F8E03FBF533119678295F8 aspera-entsrv-
  • E91262106790CE788A6D4DBA2BC44A60 aspera-entsrv-
  • 4F0528DD98A9AFB66D1E771DF3C5A2C1 aspera-scp-client-
  • 1F27B47FEF15D6DE5671051EF27D0CF3 aspera-scp-client-
  • 6666111057892F3B19B6E4A82BB5BF32 aspera-scp-p2p-
  • 3E4B848CF7F581542A722879F6F3AC79 aspera-scp-p2p-

Previous Release Notes

For the complete list of What's New, Fixed Issues, and Known Issues in 2.5.X, read the Enterprise Server 2.5.0 Release Notes at http://www.asperasoft.com/en/release_notes/default_1/release_notes_31.

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