faspex 1.5.2 Release Notes

faspex 1.5.2 Release Notes
Version 1.5.2
April 17 2009
What's New
  1. Improved security:
    • New configurable security options (deactivate after x failed login attempts, prevent concurrent login, session timeout)
    • HTML escape user-entered fields
    • Homogenize error messages (to not divulge information about valid user accounts)
    • Pull system user and docroot configuration out of UI and load on startup
  2. Specify minimum version for Aspera Connect, and warn users if they are using a lower version
  3. Failed package relay notification email
  4. Admin can send new password to user when editing user account
  5. Add build version number to UI
Fixed Issues
  1. Post-processing bug fixes
  2. Sync all security settings in multi-server mode
  3. Show external email recipients in user's address book
Known Issues
  • Some error messages may have escaped tags displayed to screen
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