faspex 2.0.6 Release Notes

faspex 2.0.6 Release Notes
Version 2.0.6
Created: 4/4/2011
What’s New
  • Improved performance for Active Directory importing and syncing.
  • Auto-complete for recipient list now searches on first and last names. (#9284)

Fixed Issues
  • Fixed security-related issues. (#9154, #9282)
  • Fixed issue that occurs when trying to add a new Faspex or Active Directory user with the same login as an existing external email user. (#9223, #9224)
  • Fixed speed issue on the login page when Faspex cannot connect to the Active Directory server or the Active Directory server is responding slowly. (#9091)
  • Fixed issue that occurs when downloading a partial package and the “faspex” service is running as a domain account. (#9453)

Package Information
  • 5187e1494b8e4438321bacedf7a6c186731da893 aspera-faspex-
  • 2005e55fba373338fc7f4ce0c8fdf276e4488b67 aspera-faspex-
  • 6bb3e7668d81496ae1d427097b68a0617356f389 AsperaFaspex-

  • c9ba15ecf936be457c16cf45bf7bb7c3 aspera-faspex-
  • 50a33a64abbcdb59a39653cddd426942 aspera-faspex-
  • 51b50022ac6fef099d73fe2f745d64e4 AsperaFaspex-
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