Connect 2.6.0 Release Notes

Connect 2.6.0 Release Notes
Version 2.6.0
Platform: Windows
Created: October 1, 2010
What's New 
  • FASP 2.6.4 integration with enhanced Virtual Machine support
  • Chrome support
  • Automatically detects proxy settings from the user’s OS or Firefox Web browser

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where the HTTP fallback proxy setting is removed when unchecked and the Proxy Settings window is closed. (#1291)
  • Fixed issue where faspex never showed the package upload as complete when the faspex username contains a reserved character such as “#” (#5433)
  • Change “Clean Up” button to say “Clear List” in the Transfer Manager dialog window. (#7003)
  • Fixed issue with bringing the Transfer manager window to the foreground when starting a transfer for Internet Explorer and Firefox. (#107)
  • Fixed issue where the wrong display icon is shown in the Transfer manager when the filename contains “#” (#7326)

Known Issues

  • On Windows 7, when the LAN settings are set to “Automatically detect settings,” you may experience an extended delay to open the Proxy Settings window. Workaround: In the Windows LAN settings, uncheck “Automatically detect settings.” (#7202)
  • When the Connect Proxy setting is configured to Firefox and the proxy server port used in Firefox 3.6.10 is above 32768, Connect doesn’t recognize the port.  Workaround: Change the port to be below 32768. (#7914)
  • Upgrading from Connect 2.4.0 to 2.6.0, if the the proxy setting is Manual, it will be changed to System.  Workaround: To use the previous Manual settings, change the proxy setting back to manual.  The previous proxy configuration is preserved. (#7400)

Package Information

MD5 cksums:
  • F8EB5EB9B4595FF91F0AF4E7ECFA9659  AsperaConnect-
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